Heumton Swamp

Just east of Heumton one can enter the Heumton Swamp, a small wetland area inhabited by Swamp Kobolds, Nixies and Drowned Ones, the undead bodies of those who met an untimely end in the waters of Heumjuuneu that even walk by day. Giant Leeches and Swamp Vipers can also be encountered in this area.
The lilies that grow here usually can be sold for a nice sum of gold as well if you find a buyer for them.

Even though it is a dangerous place many beginning adventurers venture there because the arrows dropped by the Kobolds fetch a good price in town and other treasures can also be found there, both in the swamp itself and down in the small dungeon that is located in one the ruins that dot the wetland.

Heumton Town

Heumton, the city founded by Mercorian and Cronos on top of the ruins they discovered at shores of the lake now known as Lake Wilpusser, is the main city of the campaign.
Everything an adventurer needs can be bought here in one of the many shops, or, if you are a member, at the Heumton Adventurers Guild.

The Priests of Red Redemption have their main "temple" here in Heumton and they can be a great source of information or even provide quests to those willing to serve their purpose.
Dealing with them however, may be more dangerous than one would ever suspect...

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